Which license to choose?

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Apr 11, 2014 12:28 am

So I am a graduating senior preparing to start at an insurance-based financial planning firm. I am set to start after graduation in about one month. I just started studying for my life & health license and should be knocking it out in a couple of weeks. However, with regards to my securities licenses, I have the option to go ahead and get my series 6 now and the 7 later or take the 7 now. 

The benefit of taking the 6 first would be the shorter time-period and less information to cover. Most of the investments I would deal with starting off are mutual funds and basic managed accounts - so a series 6 should cover most, if not all, of this. Anything that needed another license could be covered by joint work with a more experienced advisor. 

However, I eventually want the series 7. It will take me longer to study for and pass the 7. That may end up costing me business (at least payouts) in the short run when all I needed was the 6. Any advice on my situation or similar situations you have experienced?