What would happen at the Wirehouse?

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May 29, 2013 6:57 pm

Hello There,

I have a story for you all and would appreciate your advice. At one time in my life I looked at being a PMD with Mother Merrill.  I know the regulations and FINRA for the firms are very extensive. Also I am aware none of the big wirehouse firms like litigation. 

Please read and give me your thoughts. 

I am on the East Coast in a major US City. Over a year ago the girlfriend from one of the top stock brokers in the US was driving high and sideswiped are car. We have had many lingering injuries due to here neglience. She and her boyfriend owned the car. The day of the accident, the stockbroker who manages some of the unmentioned cities penision fund call his friends in the Police and conceriege to get us to leave the scene of the accident and avoid her getting a DUI. The injuries are soft tissue injuries and manefist themselves later. Liability has only conidtionaly been admited as they had cut rate insurance. After the fact we have become aware the stockbroker used his influence and connection to avoid her getting a dui. 

To the present day litigation occurs, the stockbroker gets served at work and we are in litigation.  This stockbroker is very high up with a big wirehouse he is a managing director. He manages billions of dollars. What would happen if the media exposed his corruption? Would he get fired? Would they settle a lawsuit?  I am not focused on the police only him. I appreciate your help