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Sep 29, 2011 12:12 am

Hello all,

I have been reading these forums for quite sometime now, very helpful information and is much appreciated. I'm extremely interested in getting in this sector of finance and start a career. I understand this career is very hard to make it through, but that is exciting in itself. Currently saving as much as I can before I jump in to give me some cushion.

Little about me, have been in finance as a customer service rep for an insurance company helping agents/clients service their VA and VULs for almost 4 yrs..Taught me only a little about the industry, but I want expand the knowledge. I have only done 1 year of college, not my thing at all. Just can't justify the cost. I love the market and all kinds of investments. I'm bored to listening to the same problems call after call. I'm one of those guys that you call to make trades, change bank info, set up PPWs, process WDs etc. in the VA and VULs. You wouldn't believe how many clients don't understand what they bought. "Is my money in the market." I think these are trick freakin' questions. So funny yet sad.

With being on this side of the phone I kind of know what clients want as a service standpoint. However, the other side is I would need sales to get the clients in. Now two big things I've never had: Sales experience and a paycheck made only on commissions. Those are huge and don't play in my favor. I mean I conserve VAs and VULs but that is not the same thing at all. Its worth a shot. Everything involves risk, why not take a shot.

I've looked around and I think Edward Jones is a great place to start, no matter what anyone says I've seen that the most around here and elsewhere too. I still have a lot of time before I make the move but I wanted to post to introduce myself and get any kind of feedback. Or probably how bad I might get roasted, ha. Thanks for taking the time to read the post.



Dec 21, 2011 12:11 pm

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