Waddell & Reed Closing Office, Now What?

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Nov 3, 2017 9:52 pm

Now what?

I entered W&R's Financial Advisor Training program in March, 2017. I completed the program in October, and two weeks into my "activation" they announced that they are closing the only nearby office on 12/31/17.

I've acquired the Series 7, 66, and CA L&H Ins license, but I have no related experience otherwise. (I have nearly 20 yrs of retail management experience.)

I plan to keep my sights on being a financial advisor, but I'm not certain which company would be the best fit. I know several have training/development programs, but would any be better suited for my situation?

I don't have a book of business. There are not many wealthy people in my personal network, but I am comfortable communicating with wealthy individuals. I believe diligent successful prospecting will be my challenge regardless of where I go, and analysis, problem solving, and influencing action will be my strengths.

Any suggestions?