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Aug 11, 2020 5:35 pm

Hi All, first time posting in the forum. Hope to keep this somewhat short. I have around 3.5 years experiences in financial services. Last 2 at a high net worth (OCIO) shop working with private families ($+100mm). I am looking to start my own book and transition to a local office. I have my 7, 63 and life/health. I know I need to get 66 still.

I have had conversations with several shops. I am idealing wanting to start a practice heavy on planning and reoccuring AUM fee. I am not a big fan of commissions on products, not knocking it just not my thing. I have had talks with EJ and AMP as well as looked at RJ, ML, UBS, RBC, and Oppenhimer.

Want to hear everyones thoughts (specifically on EJ and AMP). I am having a hard time finding recent details about AMP so would love to hear your thoughts. In a perfect world I would go indy but need to build book first. Might make that transition after 3-5 years.