Title for the new guy

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Feb 21, 2011 4:09 pm

I’m entering the field. Initially I’ll be acting as a client services manager while I get licensed and learn the industry. After about two years, I’ll begin building my book under the guidance of a experienced advisor. Within 5 years, I’ll have an established book and will be running my own practice.


It’s likely that some of the clients I’ll be working with initially, I’ll eventually inherit from the advisor I’m working with. That said, what would be a good title that would:


1)      Indicate what my responsibilities are

2)      Not be too much of a change once I become a financial advisor

3)      Something I won’t have to change every 18 months as I progressively take on more responsibility advising clients.


So far, I’m thinking – FAA – financial advisor associate, or just sticking with client services manager. Any other ideas? (By they way, my firm is open to discussing what my title should be.)