Taking Series 7 in June

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May 9, 2011 3:26 pm

hey guys. posted this on another thread but figured id start my own. sorry for the dupe!

anyway im currently at a firm working in ops. i got my foot in the door and now there sponsoring me to take the 7. ive read the book twice. once i did a read through, second time took notes. i also attended a 4 week class (2hrs twice a week) last month. the study material is by STC. you would think i would be ready for the test but im def not. i havent taken any of the practice tests and to be honest i probably havent been taking it as serious i should be (have alot of stuff going on outside of work that i can't 100% focus). i know the practice tests are the most important part of the studying...

my test is scheduled for june 3rd. so i have about 3-4 weeks. starting tonight i will take the practice exams provided by stc. im following what the book says (take the test open book; see the answer and explanation). i get home late so i can only do maybe 2 hours a night of study.

just looking for advice. and if you guys have any better approaches to it im all ears.

thanks in advance

May 9, 2011 9:59 pm

Test test test test. Buy the tests from a second service to increase your odds.