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Jan 21, 2012 5:57 am

So I started posting over a year ago about how I wanted to not reenlist in the Navy and follow my childhood dream of being a stock broker. Yes My CHILDHOOD DREAM of being a stock broker, I am an 80's kid with a cousin who moved to New York city in the early 80 to be a broker. He still sells stocks today but I knew what a boiler room was years before the movie if you catch my drift. Now I am a Chief Petty Officer and will be staying another 8 years to retire at 20 years service to get my pension. I still wonder if I could be a broker after the Navy, but now need to think twice. I will have put up with great stress and unbelivable BS for 20 years, do I want a high stress job like selling stocks for a commission after the Navy? I will have a couple of thousand a month in retirement pay so I dont think I will be as hard up for a sale as the guy with straight commission, but will it still be mucho stress and time away from my family?

I also fly and have been at several training commands in my life so far, and I LOVE teaching so why not just finish my CFI and get a relaxing retirement job as a flight instructor? I just cant make up my mind, I wish life were twice as long so we could do all the things that we want. I just feel like I have to choose between the two. It is fun to think about at this day in training, just wondering if I will ever get there?