Is STC good for the Series 65?

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Jan 17, 2013 11:50 pm

I used STC for my Series 7, 63 and LAH licenses. Heard STC not so good for 65. Any suggestions?

Jan 22, 2013 1:17 pm

HANDS DOWN Training Consultants and if you can take the 66 I would take the 66 versus 65 if you are able to. I studied with STC and KAPLAN for the 65/66 and it was only after a great friend introdcued me to TC that I passed on the 3rd attempt with BIG numbers!

Jan 6, 2014 7:07 pm

This doesn’t answer the series 7 question, per say, but regarding STC and the series 10:
I can’t express this comment in any articulate way or in a more direct way than this; STC study material absolute is horrendous in its subject material and irrelevant in its study questions. STC absolutely blows. Achieving low 80’s and mid 90’s on my final closed book tests and achieving a 68 on the actual 10 test, I can unequivocally state that the questions being presented in the series 10 test have little to no comparison to the information presented by STC. Never will I use their products again and will be an advocate for change with-in my broker dealer to remove STC as its primary study material. To put it bluntly, STC sucks. If the 7 material is remotely close to that of the 10, I’d be worried.

Jan 7, 2014 9:43 am

I would have to agree with cjeffrey on this one. I work for a large firm that makes trainees study with STC material. I was making in the 90’s on the final practice tests for the 7 with STC and ended up making a 67 on the actual exam. Thankfully they gave me another shot, I switched to Kaplan without the firm knowing and passed on round 2 of the 7. Then for the 66 my firm wanted me to use STC again even though probably half of the people in my office failed the test on the first try. I found this site and read about so many using TC and had to try it. Used it for the 66 and made an 83 first try. I would go with TC if I were you and if possible just go ahead and get the 66 instead of taking the 65. Good Luck either way.

Jan 8, 2014 1:37 pm

i studied for the 65 using TC, failed it using the STC, i highly highly recommend the TC for the 65. best of luck

Jan 10, 2014 5:01 pm

I don’t think I have never seen anyone score in the 90s on STC practice tests and not pass the exam. Of course, if you are taking the exams for the fourth time, it is possible. Taking the same exams over and over again is a poor strategy. There is a diminishing marginal benefit when you repeat exams. I would never suggest that anyone take the exams more than twice and on the second try, you should only be doing questions you either answered incorrectly or guessed on the first time. As for the 65/66, providers have different presentation styles which is important. The system of questions is actually where they differ the most. You want to go with a provider whose questions are challenging and have detailed explanations. If you can consistently score in the 80s on Pass Perfect’s final exams, you have a very good chance of passing the exam. I worked with one student who was in the 60s on Pass Perfect’s finals and passed the exam with a 75.