Sponsorship for 7 and got offer from another bank

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Sep 12, 2015 2:27 am

Hi guys just want some advises on my current situation:

I recently got sponsored for series 7 from a firm and I'm scheduled to take the test at the end of October.  The firm had me pay for all the background check and test fees. The position is also a commission only job. 

So I went out and looked for other positions. I got offered for a banker position which requires SAFE registration.  They have career path to move up to FA as well and do sponsor for licenses. 

My questions are will my sponsorship with the first firm cause any problem with SAFE? Will I need to terminate my sponsorship before taking position with the bank and lose around 500 bucks fee? Can I still be sponsored by one firm and work for another? I would wish to quit the first firm after taking the test because I already paid for it. 

 I know that is a lot of questions but I really appreciate any inputs.