Series 7 & Series 66

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Sep 11, 2015 2:40 am

I promised myself that I would put together a post after I finished taking all of my exams (Thank God it's over!!). First things first, the Series 7 - I used STC and passed first times try with a 74% which was the exact average of my Closed Book Practice Exams.  My Q&A scores were much lower - think 60's.  Let me also say that throughout my life I have been an average B student and was an English Major in college so these exams were quite a bit outside of my comfort zone.  I put 100% effort into this exams and I suggest that you do the same.  I really thought that STC worked great for this exam, the questions were really similar to the actual exam and I felt confident while taking the test that I knew the answers.  I highly recommend getting the Series 7 for dummies book, it really helps simplify concepts and also has a lot of great memorization tips for information.  In terms of the actual exam day, it's a really long test so make sure you pack yourself a good lunch and try to take a bathroom break towards the end of the exam to wake you up and stretch if you need it.  When I hit the submit button, I had a good feeling that I had passed it and was so relieved to have passed! 

I wish I could say that the Series 66 was way better than the Series 7 but unfortunately that is not the case.  Part of the challenge at least for me on the Series 66 is that for whatever reason, online there is far less information about the exam and any tips people have which really frustrated me.  I used STC for this exam too and found them to not be nearly as good for the 66.  I failed the first time with a 72% (My BFF got married and I was the Maid of Honor so I had to take two weekends off studying which is my excuse for being so close and not passing) and passed the second time with an 80%.  First go around, my practice scores were averaging a 74% and second time my average was 84%.  There's a really big transition between the Series 7 and the Series 66 they are completely different exams and so you have to put that in your head, studying is different.  It's written by lawyers and it's much more tricky in terms of rules and regulations.  The questions are wordy and the answers are wordy, pay attention to the details because they really matter in this test. I don't want to say that I felt this test was easier, because that wasn't necessarily the case but I did have a harder time with the 7 than the 66, in some ways I felt like the 7 would be way easier for those who are more left brained and the 66 easier for those who are right brained.  Going in to the 66,  I felt way less confident that STC prepared me well for the exams, especially when I was taking the actual exam - there were definitely questions that I had never seen in my practice and when I hit the submit button, I had no clue if I passed or failed (both times).  It felt almost like throwing darts in some ways like it was either going to be good or bad.  I wouldn't recommend STC for the 66 if you can avoid it, I really would. Passing really is the greatest feeling and being done with these exams amazing, good luck on your exams!  

Sep 21, 2015 10:39 am

I just passed as well! Now fully registered

If anyone needs the exam bank from TC, I still have it. It’s valid through end of this year. $50

Oct 3, 2015 9:19 pm

Hi everyone, My exam is Monday and I just wanted to know if anyone has last minute advice for the 66?? I used STC and TC both to study. STC scores in the mid 80s and same with TC in the final exams taking only 1 time. I still fill like I am guessing this stuff rather than confident of knowing. it is super hard. I also have kaplan but have not done much there … thoughts??

Jan 15, 2016 1:42 pm


Jan 8, 2016 9:08 am

I used STC for both the 7 and 66. I passed both the first time around: 80% on the 7 and 86% on the 66. I would highly recommend their program with one caveat - if you are not willing to follow the study plan to a “T”, and finish ALL of the practice exams, you are shooting yourself in the foot.