Series 7 & Kaplan

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Jan 20, 2013 3:39 pm

Hey everyone. A few months back I passed my 66 using TC with no problems, now my company sent me to a 4 day class with Kaplan and I’m taking my test in two days. I feel like the Kaplan site has a ton of questions but I could be getting muddled up with concentrating on areas that aren’t of importance and I need to pay more attention to other sections. I don’t like how you can only take a final practice exam twice and that you have to create your own exams. Anyone have any tips for last minute brain dumps and study secessions? At this point I’ve done about 800 questions on the qbank, just randomly selecting a section and going with it. All help is welcome but of course I’m stressing out!!!

Feb 14, 2013 2:32 am

Another thing that I want to let all the noobs out there that are looking at or wanting to use Kaplan. I like to know exactly how something works, the in’s and out’s etc. I felt that Kaplan did a good job at showing you some of the easy ways to pass the exam, instead of really drilling the full knowledge into your head. Some of their materials are really helpful, but I think they skip over alot of details to give you that 30,000 foot view instead of diving in and explaining it. FINRA is getting very intelligent and they want you to know details about a lot of topics in the exam. I purchased an alternative study card system, and I really learned a lot from it; more than with Kaplan. I passed the exam and knew the topics in and out. If you can bear to read 600+ pages of shortcuts, if this is your way of learning please go ahead Kaplan is your system. I am not wanting to bash them with this post, but I just don’t believe that they hit all the topics for learners like myself that want the full explanation of the topics. I love details and hate having to research it on the internet more if you have to pay over $400+ for study material.