Series 7 - failed then passed

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Nov 15, 2017 12:16 am

I just passed the series 7 today!! Could not believe it when I saw the result. One month ago I took it and score a 64%. Was so bummed and looked to forums for people that had failed then passed, for encouragement and advice. And I told myself if (when) I pass I would write one.

So I’m brand new to the industry, didn’t even know what a bond was. I started studying using Kaplan to study. The book was boring and hard. I jumped around to stuff I found more interesting and took the quizzes occasionally. This was a mistake. Many chapters I read, the read again and still didn’t click for the quizzes. So specific. If I had to do it over, I would study a section relentlessly and quiz over and over until doing well. Qbank quiz is great btw.

After all that I set a date and was scoring mid 60s on practice exams so I was kindof freaking out before the exam (rightfully so). Took it, and failed. Sucked.

I put it a ton of time and didn’t know why I didn’t see results. So I signed up again to take it 30 days later. I bought pass perfect material to go through something new. I loved pass perfect, much more engaging. It takes you through conceptual problems and when you miss questions, it keeps repeating them for reinforcement. And I started using notecards to write out all the information and sort it out. So important to organize it in your own way, and then you can keep reviewing it.

Next stop series 66.

This post got long, but comment if you have any questions