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SERIES 66 Revival Thread

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Oct 9, 2019 3:15 am

Failed my S66 and in Need of Advice

EDIT: please respond guys :(

Hi guys,

Fellow S66 hater here. Alike many of you I failed and came 4 points short. I sit for the retake in 3.5 weeks and I’m in need of a slight change in preparation to put me over the hump. I failed last Monday so I’ve taken about a week off for a fresh start. My firm sponsors me with pass perfect which was terrific in over-preparing me for the SIE and S7. However, one of the criticisms of the software is that it doesn’t prepare people for the wording which appears to be especially true for the S66. NASAA uses wording that is way different than FINRA and obviously it’s their test and I seriously think it’s the main reason I failed. I did pretty well in 3/4 of the sections but what did me in was getting a 54% on rules and regulations (conveniently half of the exam) which I think was mainly due to struggles with NASAA’s beloved uniform securities act and their wording with it.

FYI I was getting low to mid 70’s on the PP finals which I’ve read is supposed to be more than fine since these finals are harder (I thought the actual test was harder)

With that said, I’m looking into Training Consultants as I’ve read the best things about it for the S66. A lot of people say that it really helps prepare for NASAA’s wording. I’ve also read a couple of people in this sub that said that they used Passperfect first and failed and switched to TC and passed the second time with flying colors.

My question is, what do you recommend I do? Really just looking for something that can adequately prepare me for the rules and Regs. Some people recommend I get a tutor, who are the good ones out there and is it worth it? Can anyone who has either made the switch or had TC from day one vouch for it? What makes it so appealing to you? Do you think it’s worth the money to switch or just to stick it out with PP? I want it to not even be a question about passing next time I take it which was not how I felt the first time. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.