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Apr 5, 2007 4:07 pm

Hello everyone, I am new to the biz and I am thinking of a way of doing a unique seminar to get the ball rolling.  I know a local golf pro and I was thinking of doing a combo seminar/golf lesson with some form of snacks.  Starting with a topic pitch, followed by snacks and a brief golf lesson.  Has anyone ever done anything like this before?  Was it successful? What would be the best way to attract clients?  Which types of products?  Ideally, it would be help at a driving range, but I may look at other options.  Any ideas and advice would be appreciated.  mooose

Apr 5, 2007 4:12 pm

A little different twist for ya Mooose.

Talk to the pro at the local country club, and work out a deal with him for his slow afternoon.  Then say to your top client, "Say, do you play with a regular foursome?  (They all do.) Well, I'll tell you what...invite the guys down to the country club for a golf lesson on Thursday."

He gets to look like the big shot to his friends (I'm such a heavy hitter that my broker does this for ME!), and you get in front of his HNW buds, and of course, he wouldn't DARE say anything but good things about you.

Apr 5, 2007 4:26 pm

Starka - great 'twist'. 

Mooose - I've done the golf thing.  Tell the pro that you'll bring the people if he/she gives the lesson.  It's incentive to the pro - they're looking for clients as well.  You can make a great afternoon out of it.  However, I wouldn't do the product pitch until the end.  This sets up a great talk on asset allocation (putting, chip shots, long drives, water hazzards, 5 iron, wedge, all aspects of the game contribute to the goal of getting the ball in the hole).  I've also done the wine tasting thing (careful on liability!).  Again - you bring people to a wine-shop (potential customers), then have the owner give some 'education' on wines.  You can do a 'wine of the month' session.