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Aug 10, 2016 2:12 pm

I'm an advisor half way through a training program at a large wire house. 

My salary has stepped down to zero so I'm now in the 'eat what you kill' part of the program.  From a survival standpoint, I'm barely treading water and I'm not confident new business will offset the salary lost. It's not a dire situation, but definitely loosing sleep over it.

I approached another advisor in the same office who wants to buy my book. If I leave (whether forced to or simply because I failed out), I would not stay in the business.

So we have a potential transaction with a buyer and seller (me). We already agree on general terms. Before we approach management, we want to make sure this is something they would entertain. The downside is we do approach management to get their approval, they say no, and they learn I'm half way out the door. The buyer is conscious of this issue and wants to make sure I'm covered but jeopardizing my position. 

Can anyone shed light on this subject? The wire house has nothing to do with the transaction as the buyer is paying, I'm not leaving for a competitor, I would spend 2 weeks to a month transitioning clients to new advisor, and everything seems to check out minus the chance management shoots it down from the start, leaving me exposed. 

Any guidance on how management would perceive this would be extremely helpful.