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Jun 28, 2007 1:37 pm

any tips for this site, Skippy? Thx

got this via advisor mechanic.

[quote="WYSIWYG"]quote="skippy"]You already asked this question in another thread on this forum when you introduced yourself.

Now this forum is different.  It's NEW.  It's still attracting members.  All forums are available to every poster.  The quality of posts aren't there - YET.  Give the forum time.  If it is properly moderated, it can be another excellent forum.  We have to give it time.

However, time is a luxury YOU DON'T HAVE if you're just starting out in your career.  You need to find answers to questions that you have.  Most likely, others have asked the same question.  (Hint:  look at the top of ANY forum, and you'll find a link that says something like "SEARCH".)

However, it's questions like yours that can make ANY forum turn into a forum like RR.  Why?  You don't read the answers to the questions you asked yourself, OR you didn't like the answer you got.

If you want to be coddled and hand-held through every step of your career, then you just might have a short-lived career.

I'll tell ya what.  I'll give you some things to search for on TGP to get you started.  Look for these things:
Marketing Yourself,
Disturbing Prospects with Questions,
2 interviews in 1 appointment,
True Purposes for Certifications,
To CFP or NOT to CFP,
Youngest in the Office,
Senior Expo / Trade Show,
5 Ways Out Of Business Approach,
“Financial Planning Services”,
Cold Walking,
5 Ways Follow Up,
Burt Meisel Books,
One Card System™,
Adding Value to Clients,
Email Marketing,
Compliance / benefits of RIA only,
How to file and become your own RIA,
Reasons to avoid publicizing the CSA® and CASL™ designations,
Virtual Sales Assistant,
Targeting Business Owners,
Attitude is everything,
My Secret Prospecting Gold Mine,
Having over 16,000 clients,
Some secrets needs to be kept secret,
Using the LEAP system,

Of course, if you're not up to learning how to "jump through hoops" and using the SEARCH function, you'll have to wait until the same information is posted on THIS site.

While the site appears to be well-constructed, I haven't seen anything (yet) that shows a great knowledge of our industry.  Rick Blaine has posted well over 8000 posts in the last 2 years.  Most of those posts are worth reading and internalizing if they are appropriate for you.  I haven't seen such a guru on this board (yet).  So far, threads are on topics that are pretty well-known to most people in this business.  I haven't learned anything new on this board (yet), but I am happy to participate.

If you can't "jump through hoops" online, what makes you think you'll jump through hoops for a prospect?  Pick up the phone?  Go cold-walking?  Do a fact-finder?  Get a MENTOR?  Do joint-work?

Online "hoops" are EASY.  The business is HARD.  Better get your priorities straight about what you want to be easy and hard in this business, or you may soon be OUT of this business.[/quote]

Search tips from Skippy (also a member here @ TGP I note).

via Advisor Mechanic (a relatively new site).[/quote]

Jun 28, 2007 4:23 pm

Left the insurance field today, wasn't for me.  Good info here if you can hack the TGP site.  Tread lightly!

Interesting how TGP Rick Blaine thinks I am a woman, though.  If I were a woman, I'd look like that and would be slapping my own ass just like that.  ehhhhh haaaaa yeahhhh!

Guess the big guns don't like you helping over there.  I've asked them to cancel my membership.  You can cancel it here, too.

USAF all the way!