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Apr 3, 2008 1:51 am

So it's another one of these sales presentation ideas (i promise it's the ABSOLUTE last one), but I have a few topics which I haven't thought of stories to pitch in front of a room full of people yet. Basically I'm doing a sales presentation on VAs, but I was told to focus on a few aspects of it.

Presentation 1: Controlled Payout Plan (which basically lets contract owner control the amount being paid out to its beneficiaries so they don't squander it). I mean I guess I could use an example of wealthy parents having irresponsible kids, but that's kind of boring. Anyone think of anything a little more engaging or attention catching? Can use a good opener and closer for this one.

Presentation 2: Death benefits. I'm not quite sure how to draw up a story regarding death benefits without being too morbid. Also need a sales opening and closing for this one.   Presentation 3: Fixed annuities. Probably the hardest one to pitch?
Apr 7, 2008 11:14 pm

I would focus on the idea of potentially running out of income in retirement, and then go into how VA’s are a vehicle to supplement and guarantee income. Depending on your audience, if they are already retired they could be worried about running out of money, especially since on the whole they are living longer. People like to know where VA’s fit into a portfolio and it makes the conversation a little easier if you know EXACTLY what type of client might be a candidate for a VA.  Another question to ask might be around pension plans, if you are talking to retirees, because many of the spouse benefits cover only 75% or less of the benefit.