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Dec 29, 2011 12:08 am

Hello all,

I spent 20 yrs as a broker and here is a bit of truth...It is all a major pimp out. The large firms want nothing more then for you to push their products and everyone should be a advisor selling mutual funds to old women and the small firms have finra so far up there butt that there is no freedom to do any sort of deals.The payout at the big firms stink and the small firms have little support at all. Yes, in my 2 yrs I did work at both major wire houses and small boiler rooms, never once had a customer complaint and did a heck of allot in production.

I see brokers in FL sitting in shopping malls with flyers for raymond james handing them to old ladies and get sick to my stomach, sure go raise 100 mill that way ...maybe in 100 yrs.

Fact is why struggle as a broker or broker trainee cold calling ,taking tests and continuing ed which you never use and is a absolute joke,especially since on finra continuing ed you can just hit buttons and go back and answer the questions over.

Here is a bit more truth,cold calling no one needs your service at all. I am a firm believer in cold calling 100 percent, however for the time and effort it takes to get new accounts only to find out you cant charge 5 percent" once again the guideline but not a rule,more finra bs" why bother for the 1 percent trailer you might recieve on a fund ,or the 10 percent fee you may get booking a private placement. Then of course the firm takes their cut of your money.

Why not cold call companies and sell investor relations services/public awareness and media campaigns/ recieve 20 percent and one needs your investment services , but I think we can agree that no company becomes public to not see their shares trade.

If you are a rookie/retired broker/trainee feel free to email me. My investor relations company needs aggressive guys like you who want to earn much more then the average broker. Hiring independents,work from home or in FL office.

[email protected]