Primerica Clowns

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Sep 27, 2009 2:23 pm

So I got into a pissing match with some Primerica guy at a local trade show recently.  He was a 7 year vet, trying to recruit me to come over to the "best firm in the world".  The things he was saying were ridiculous.  Downright comical.  Being I'm only 26, I can understand him trying to recruit me.... and if he's happy with his pyramid scheme, I have nothing against him, but then he started to slander me as an Indy advisor.  If we weren't standing in front of my booth, in a building full of people, I would've knocked his teeth out.  I thought it was some kinda joke.  I was expecting Ashton to jump out of a van with a camera. 

I had this happen once before, some guy telling me how great they are and that I should jump ship from my Indy business and go with him... but 6 months later he was calling us begging for a job.  Tough choice:  my own established Indy business or Primerica.    Are these guys brainwashed, or just that naive?
Sep 27, 2009 2:31 pm

Slander is part of the brand-name game.  I interviewed with NYL - and they basically said that their s*** doesn’t stink.  Same thing with MetLife.  They were both comparing themselves and saying how much better they were than the last insurance company I was with.

  Pure BS.  Because people don't buy companies.  They buy people.   I don't care about company.  People who tout their company can't sell themselves.  WE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY COMPANY!  WHY?  BECAUSE WE GET PEOPLE TO ACT.   If companies could get people to act WITHOUT us, they would.
Sep 27, 2009 3:11 pm

Everyone thinks "their own" firm is the best, and thats fine with me.  Its good to be loyal.  But when you first meet another industry professional and say things such as: "All you independent guys are crazy, with your overpriced and pointless Life policies.  I sell nothing but Term.  We have quality insurance at cheap rates.... I'll be looking for your clients, and I'm going to replace every policy you have given them...", thats just crossing the line.  And that was only a fraction of the s**t he was saying. 

I was a little fired up at the time, because I was concerned he would be slandering my business to the rest of the community, but I guess its just funny now.  I felt better when I replaced a 600k term policy from Primerica last week :)