Please see...need a business partner for a potentially lucrative derivative play on HF industry!

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Mar 15, 2016 7:55 pm

Hey guys. Been in HF world for 13 months or so. I'm in investor relations and marketing. I realized something the other day. I will list it here, and if you have some interest in talking more about this with me, please email me. 

1. JOBS Act was passed in 2013-2014. This allows hedge funds to essentially market to anyone, and anywhere. There are some limitations of course, but it greatly reduced the regulation. 

2. I see very few funds using this properly. At least from my time in the industry. Part of the old school allure of HF's were their secrecy. Now that the veil has been lifted, it's game on! 

3. There is analysis paralysis. It's all about boring databases filled with repetitive data like beta, alpha, correlation, concentration, sharpe ratio, etc. Historically the best capital raisers have not been the firms with best returns, so they must be doing something different. 

I'll leave it at this. There is a MASSIVE, I repeat, MASSIVE untapped opportunity for someone to come in and develop a website, and blog that focuses solely on qualitative factors that make hedge funds stand out. Some ideas that I'll just briefly touch on are, 1-1 manager video interviews, Q-A's, blog posts, and Podcasts. There is no way this wouldn't make money. I would like to see if anyone has interest, with prior asset management or HF experience. I have 300 more ideas, and this would be so incredibly fun! Email me on here privately, and we'll go from there :)