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Oct 6, 2019 11:11 am

I have a bit of savings in my account. Im thinking that maybe I should convert my savings to some other currency or buy something like gold or another precious material. Im only thinking of doing this because of the uncertainty of the euro and the euro zone. I do not want to lose al these savings if the eurozone collapses which is probable. So my questions are
1) What other currency should I convert some of my savings too? Swizz Frank, the yen, The dollar? Are any of these considered safe( safer than the euro anyway)
2) should I just buy or trade gold( whats the best option here buying or trading i wouldnt know how or where you do either). Or should I diverse my portfolio and buy different precious materials.
3) if the euro does collapse what happens. Do I lose everything or will my money just be converted into another currency. This is important as I struggle with anxiety and this is getting me really down and upset. I wouldnt worry too much if I knew my savings would just be converted or whatever
I dont know maybe Im over thinking everything here. Its just I want to protect what I have. Im not looking to get into anything risky quite the opposite I just want to do logically protect my money and Im exploring how I should do it. Like who else would I talk to this about? Im in ireland currently. Pls any advice is appreciated and well only serve to help me understand