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Jun 27, 2009 3:32 pm

 Just wondering if anyone has used a personal profile to pass out during seminars and to other prospective clients.  I’m thinking of keeping it short, possibly 4-8 pages depending on the style of the booklet.  It will touch on my professional experience and goals, as well as our firm’s (indy) background and expectations.  We’re moving to our new 5000 sq/ft office in September, and launching our website at the same time, so I figured I could touch on this stuff as well.

 Fortunately, I'm in a great position to market myself, as our region is very sports oriented.  Many of my accomplishments before this industry involved professional sports, including an NCAA Championship.  Returning to my home region has provided me with an abundance of connections and I would really like to capitalize on the opportunity.  Any ideas for an attractive, and not too tacky, professional profile or other marketing strategies?   Thanks in advance fellas...
Jun 27, 2009 3:59 pm

Not to sound like an asshole.....but nobody will read 4-8 pages.  Don't waste your time, energy or money in printing.  Everything anyone wants to know about you, or you want to tell people can be on 1 pager.  I have one, it's call a one pager.