Passing the 65 with the right vendor

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Jun 16, 2014 3:34 pm

I have taken the 7 twice (passed with a 78% using Passperfect) and have taken the 63 and passed with an 83% (also using Passperfect)

I recently took the 65 for the second time and scored a 70%, the first attempt was a 62% and currently am locked out of the 66 until October.. I scored on that a 70%,72%,74% and have used PassPerfect with that as well. Literally have been studying for almost 9 months, and have been unable to pass. What is odd, is my Passperfect scores indicate that I am ready to take all the exams.. I usually score in the high 85%-87% range and have finished the program several times, only to have it reset and complete it again.

What I am curious to is if people have had issues using PassPerfect and passing these exams, to me it seems (65 especially) that the content in PP cant even come close to mirrioring the wording of the real tests. Plus I have seen many questions that arent even covered on the 65/66. I am debating using TC and STC to suppliment this final try.. any suggestions/advice or opinions would be great! Thanks!

Jun 16, 2014 7:00 pm

Have you considered Solomon Exam Prep? I work for them and we have a 88% pass rate. The Series 65 & 66 can be very difficult exams We generally recommend 80-100 hours of study for these. We have found most recently that our students need to focus on the “ethics” chapter for the Series 66, as they end up being heavily tested on that subject. Hope this helps! Good luck.

Jun 25, 2014 12:16 pm

After using TC for a week now, I have noticed alot of differences in the actual content… things like an IRA contribution limit for TC states 5k while PP says 5500, or registration fees for IA’s being pro-rata for TC and paid in full for PP… Anyone notice this… really dont know what to beleive with this material. Anything helps, thanks!