Passed Series 7, 66 next

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Aug 6, 2010 8:29 am

Just passed the 7 yesterday. Iv'e heard the 66 is tougher, but then iv'e heard the opposite. I've held the seven prior so it wasnt too bad second time around, but never had the 66. What do you guys think? At least I get two chances to pass the 66 instead of do or die. Truthfully this studying routine ive been on for the past month at my wire has been brutally boring, I just want to get on the phone and call!

Aug 6, 2010 9:16 am

63 and the 65 combined (hopefully you already know that)

The 63 is easy, I took it years ago but I had forgotten and the day before my compliance office called to remind me. I literally studied for a half hour and passed it. I don't recomend that but I got lucky.

As far as the 65, I bought a bunch of sample questions and answers off eBay for 6 bucks (PDF emailed to me) and printed it out and did them over and over...

If you just took the 7 you should have a good base to work off of... More questions about monetary policy and strategy, but most of the answers can be ruled out by common sense leaving 1 or 2 that are viable.

Schedule the test a month out and study 2 hrs a day... one during lunch and again before you leave the office. It won't seem daunting and it compounds your efforts... (over 40 hrs of studying)