Other optics factory simply does not raise own The coating is how many levels,

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Dec 9, 2011 12:51 am

therefore is the infrared telescope”, like this cheats majority not understanding the true situation. I also have a 8x21 red membrane telescope , is not because initially was deceived, but sunglasses australia that time could not buy was not the red membrane telescope. Cites a not too appropriate example: Most recent several year fashionable western-style clothes, but uniform is the two-row buckles. Who doesn't know in the West, the western-style clothes Is the official situation clothing, the single line buckles is only then regular,

but attains China, wants “to make foreign things serve China”

, the single line buckled has been obsolete, earth! This is the red membrane telescope in the Chinese popular reason. Crosses again for several dozens years , this will become the history, to become the joke. Once more, regarding the telescope, its smallest resolution angle (resolving power) α=Kλ/D, K is the correction coefficient, D is the objective lens passes cheap sunglasses light aperture. The purple blue membrane telescope diaphanous scope is 400 ~750nm, the red membrane objective lens diaphanous scope is 400~620nm. Comparatively speaking, the red membrane objective lens’ transmission wave length shortened, therefore telescope’s resolving power had the enhancement

, through the examination discovery, enhances 15% generally 25%. This caused the telescope to make the general observation time, the observation effect had the enhancement. This kind of resolving power enhances the human eye, but does not enjoy. Because the red membrane is a multilayered films department, generally above 10, Therefore the price must compared to blue membrane high somewhat. “above 10”??

Plays the international joke! Pentax famous SMC (Super Multi-Coating) only then 7, other optics factory simply does not raise own The coating is how many levels, only said “the multi-layer”. Humph, 2 also call the multi-layer. Which factories,

are being clever, so-called “coated” is only at least has a piece of lens’ discount sunglasses to have the coating, so-called “multi-coated” only at least has a piece of lens’ surface to have many 2 or above the coating. Does the inexpensive red membrane telescope how possibly cover 10 to you?!

Perhaps 1 second kind calculated that plates 1, plates continuously 10 second kind also almost. The price to is possibly a fact high, because is easy to buy, the peddler wants the red membrane, the store to want the red membrane, therefore the factory also modification produces the red membrane. In the end, suffers a armani sunglasses australia user: Takes itself Qian Huan comes the extra function which goods to look at but of no use. Moreover, because the human eye