N.Y.Life or W&R

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Jan 27, 2016 2:29 pm

Hi All,

I am seeking a career as wealth management or finance planner but I have no experience at all. Recently I got offers from N.Y.Life and Waddell&Reed, but for me I do not know which one is better to me to attain my goal in the future. I know N.Y. Life is an insurance company, but they still can sell other investment products. They just required me to pass Insurance License to start. And W&R asked me to pass 7 and 66 first then only after I am activated I can do the business independently. 

Although I am interested in securites but I am worried as a beginner, to sell all spectrum of products or only one series products,which way is a good start? N.Y.Life recruiter told me do not need to get 7 and 66 at first and I could only study out of work time. W&R told me I can focus on study to pass the Licenses except meet the basic marketing requirements. I love the flexible schedule of the latter one but I am worried even if I pass the licenses exams I am still not ready to do the business because of the lack of knowledge. And then the more marketing I might be engaged in doing, the more clients I might hurt at that time.

Any veterans here know more details could share something of these two companies ? I am appreciate your kindness:)