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Jun 6, 2005 9:12 am

Hello all,

I understand you folks are a beyound just simple insurance but looking for some input.  I do not hold a Series 7 and just recently  passed my MI Health and Life exam and looking to break into field.

Have a interview with NY Life and looking for input on the company.

I'm new to business and have heard they have a very good training program.


Good product and selection?

What kind of commision structure?

Any and all other input would be great.

Thank you.

Jun 6, 2005 9:39 am

I’m curious to find out as well.  I have a interview with them too

Jun 6, 2005 10:13 am

POSITIVES: Decent products..Great brand name..Good training program

NEGATIVES: Decent products. Great brand name for insurance. May be harder to get the "real money" because majority of public associate NY with insurance. Depending on certain agency set up, you may be only able to sell NY Life products, instead of a broker situation where you can offer mutliple carriers...

Just my general thoughts, everyone's opinion I am sure differs...

Jun 8, 2005 11:25 pm

I had an offer with them out of college. I was seriously considering it but they wanted me to stay in the town where I went to school and offered no beginning salary. If you’ve got a few months living expenses stashed away it seemed like a great place to start.