Non-compete at AXA

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Sep 8, 2005 10:09 pm

Does anyone know if AXA has a non-compete/non-solicite clause in there contract. I am going to be signing a contract and this is a concern of mine.Are non- compete clauses an industry standard? The contract is for three years and I’m not exactly sure what a non-compete clause entails. My feeling are divided about the firm at this point. I feel that the upper management misrepresented what there business is during the interview process, however I have had more support from my mentor than I had expected. I feel that this would be a very good place for me to start, however I do not see insurance as where I want to take my career in the long term. My main question is, if I have a three year conbtract with a non-compete clause and I recieve an offer from another firm after two years, can I work there, even if my book is not tranferable. Any help would be appreciated.

Sep 9, 2005 12:53 am

I feel that this would be a very good place for me to start, however I do not see insurance as where I want to take my career in the long term.

AXA formerly known as "Equitable Life Assurance Co." is an out and out Career Insurance Agency where you will be pressurized to sell Insurance Policies to your friends and relatives.
Sep 9, 2005 10:38 am

I have said it before- AXA is a glorified insurance company. I left AXA after nearly 4 years and they threatened the non-compete. When I started moving accounts over, they didnt do $hit. IF you go there, learn the ropes, learn to develop relationships, learn to close, build a book ( in mutual funds, fee based, brokerage, etc- not their variable annuities with 10 year surrender schedules), then leverage that experience to move to a real firm.

Sonny is right- they will "ENOURAGE" you to sell their own AXA Equitable VA's. Its their answer to everything, and its a nice override to your managers, mentor, etc...

Sep 9, 2005 1:10 pm


What do you want to do?  If you want to be a Financial Advisor go to a great firm like Raymond James.

And yes, non compete clauses are an industry standard because they invest alot of money in trainees.

Sep 9, 2005 5:25 pm

Thanks for the replies. One thing I am still not clear on though. During the period that a non-compete clause is in affect, can I switch over to another firm, provided I do not solicite business from clients which I brought into the firm.

Sep 9, 2005 8:50 pm

yes. one company cannot prohibit you from switching to another firm.