Nightmare for new 2 buisness

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Dec 17, 2005 12:33 am

A few months ago I started working at SW Bach. I was sent to a school to train for the series 7 & 63. Well after the supposed 8 weeks, we took a 1 whole week of here is the nightmare:

Imagine you pass all the exams, study your a$$ off, no pay, going everyday waisting money to get to school....and your company decides to wait 2 more months to sponsor you!  no pay at all for over 18 weeks and as we all know, if you dont study, you will forget the material! So finding a full time job is a risk due to the lack of time of studying and a part time doesnt pay the bills....that was my dillema.

Avoid SW BACH!

PS: is Edward Jones or Raymond James hiring?