New Financial Advisor Job Seeker with Bad Credit

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Apr 9, 2017 12:43 pm

Hi Everyone,

I looking for some guidance to hit the ground running.

I am currently in real estate and want to transition to financial sales.

I would like to begin my financial advisor career with a firm that focuses on asset management vs insurnace sales.

I understand from my readings, that to put food on the table I will have to do some transactional work initially, but I am looking at this long term and would hate to be somewhere for 3-5 years meeting my financial goals (300k+ gross) and get canned because I didn't meet a insurance sales quota.

That said, I know with my bad credit (charge offs; collection accounts; about 30k), do to an unexpected job loss a few years back, will be a hinderance with some firms. Therefore, its likely a numbers game. The more places I apply and disclose my situation, the more likely I find position that matches my ideal situation.

Can you please recommend some firms or a list to refer to for the Fort Lauderdale/Miami market?

I did a few searches but only seem to find lists of firms that are independent and require experience/a book.

Btw, does a U4 disclosure on the intial application for credit in compromise show up on FINRA broker check or just judgements in the last 10 years? Trying to balance whether I should pay the full amount owed, which will take a while, or settle for less, which may only take a year.