Morgan Stanley & Citi Smithbarney

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Sep 11, 2008 4:02 pm

Your advice is greatly appreciated on how I can get into Morgan Stanley or Citi Smithbarney.

Morgan Stanley, I have passed the written test in one branch office. However, the manager refer me to another branch office. It did not work out since that branch if too far from where I live and the branch manager did not click with my style. Now I am targeting four other branch offices. I was introduced to one complex director by a friend of mine who is a Vice President there. However, the director told me to take online test and finish a business plan first. (I was not so happy about I have to take the online test since I passed the paper test). In order not to fail, I started to read Serial 7 book. Still not taking the test yet. I felt there are so much to learn... Anyone who was lucky and got hired there?? Please kindly suggest what I should expect for the online test and how I can make my businss plan stand out. Great thanks.   Citi Smithbarney, I failed the online test there about a year ago. What is my best strategy to talk to all branch managers again?   Again, thank you for any advice.  
Sep 11, 2008 4:17 pm

S7 has nothing to do with the online test. It’s a logic and basic math test.