MONSTER.COM offers a part-time Job for YO

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Jun 4, 2007 9:40 am
Funny: received this SPAM re: Financial Rep job! No thank you! I'll continue to push real was from: [email protected] Ck it out: this appears to be a porn site. But the link in the email below appears to be legit.


We would like to offer you a position of regional agent of our company.
Eastern Finance group has offices all over the Europe.

Every day we provide our services to thousands people and organizations.

Eastern Finance group business and facilities are protected by legal patents in
10 countries.

Our company doesn’t have an office in US, so due to the increased number of
transactions with US citizens and companies we have to hire some agents before
we will establish an office in US.

So we are looking for honest, responsible people to provide services to us and
to our customers.

We would like to offer you a position of financial representative. This is a
really good job if you have at least 4 free hours a day. This job is suitable
almost for everyone, for students, for house wifes, for people who work but have
some free time during the day. You don’t need any high education or special
courses. You just need to know how to use e-mail.

Just visit our website

or Please send your resumes to

[email protected]
Jun 4, 2007 9:48 am

got the same exact email from:

[email protected]

Looks like they are looking for cheap labor in the US since offshore  didn't want .  Even hire/use spammers to advertise this lousy job. Oh my!