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Dec 19, 2007 8:10 pm

Well having been in this industry since Feb. 07, I must say there is much bashing of Life Ins. agencies on this forum...however for myself (FA, 7,66, Life and Health) (also 2 partners, one is a CFP-prior w/Merrill). I must say I am completely happy with where I am. I am able to sell basically anything (stocks, bonds, REITs, Wealth Mgmt, any type of Ins. including Individual and Group Life, Dental, Health, LTC...whatever).

I also have a terrific lead source...old Met policy holders, whom I call and speak with on a favorable basis (I am behind in trying to call all that I have) and then we do a financial plan for them, collect assets do estate planning and move on. Also if someone has a group plan, i.e. Met Life Ins. and they retire or are termed...I get a lead to can call on them and "review their options". We do no cold calling...though we do cold walk businesses.   The drawback that I can see is that the training was awful...lots of turnover...but other than that...what is offered at another firm that I am missing out on?
Dec 20, 2007 9:29 am

The grass is always greener.

Don’t waste time and energy wondering if the training is better somewhere else, or judge the quality of the training by how many wash out.  There is a huge wash-out rate for rookies across the industry.

More important than the formal training is getting a mentor who will help show you what it really takes to succeed, and it sounds like you may have that in your current situation.  Leverage that apprenticeship for all it’s worth.  With less than a year in the business you don’t even know yet what you don’t know, but unlike most wirehouse reps you sound like you have a chance to continue learning on the job with real help.  Most have to fly solo right away and rely on trial and error.

And don’t be put off by any negative insurance tone you see here.  It’s all a matter of perspective - this is a forum for those who are primarily if not exclusively investment folks.  Even if most are insurance licensed, few get any real training in that area and even fewer approach insurance as a key to their business.  So learn here what you can about the investment side, and ignore the anti-insurance stuff.