Merrill lynch interview update

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Dec 15, 2005 1:46 pm

Well thanks for all the replies, I went to the interview met with 3 more people, now a total of 9. The last person was the sales manager at the brach, and he told me that it is his decision. He told he will call, but me being the presesitant person that I am, called him and asked what is going. I finally got a hold of him today and he told me that he is still thinking about it. He told me that he is no hurry to hire anyone or spend his clients money. He told me to be patient. It has been a week since me last interview. Please give me some feedback. I really want to work there, and I believe that I have made it clear to them. Any suggestions?

Dec 15, 2005 2:01 pm

Spend his clients money, not sure about that line.

Dec 15, 2005 2:24 pm


In my honest opinion I wouldnt hold your breath. If they havent extended an offer by now then there is a high certainty you wont get one anytime soon. They probably do not feel you are that desirable of a candidate at this point. Another factor may be that they have reached their hiring quota for the year, and they arent in a hurry to extend an offer to someone who, for whatever reason, they aren't entirely keen on.

I know a guy who was hired entirely based on the fact that our complex needed to hit its quarterly hiring goals. The guy was a hack, with no industry expereince, no licenses, no natural market, etc. He was brough in last June and word is he will be let go after the new year ( so it wouldnt F- up their hiring numbers for (2005).

It is what it is. I would explore other avenues if I were you.