Merits of Obtaining CFP and MBA

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Feb 28, 2013 9:04 am

I am new to the forum, a career changer, and currently studying for the 7 and 66 with EDJ.

I've heard many HNW clients want the CFP designation and most Attorney's and CPA's won't refer you if do not have one. I also understand you can take the courses, sit and pass the exams but need to be fully employed and licensed for 3 years to use the designation. BTW, I understand that many of my clients the first several years will not be in the HNW category but was thinking down the road after I have build a solid book. At what point in a career should you study and sit for the exam? Out of the gate? I know new FA's log in some long hours for the first several years, so time is an issue.

Also, Is completing an PT-MBA in addition to the CFP designation a good route career option and marketing wise? Or, is it wasting T&E?

FYI, I chose EDJ over ML and MSSB because of the realistic performance hurdles (not a trustafarian), overall good training for newbs w/salary, and autonomy (prospecting and office set up wise).

Thanks in advance.