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Sep 1, 2015 1:03 pm

First post here. I am a "trainee" with my 7, 66, life, disability and accident insurance license, and am NMLS registered. I have a clean record and have been with my company (one of the top firms) for 1.5 years. Like many, I am struggling to meet my goals and if nothing changes, I will be unable to meet goals at the beginning of 2016. I also spent part of my time working to learn about the lending side (private banking) with hopes to incorporate it into my practice.

i have read enough posts to realize that people are very blunt (which I can appreciate) and often a bit harsh to people in this situation. I have every intention of making it work, but I am realizing as a young advisor that either this is the wrong career for me or the wrong time in my career for this job. 

Here is my question: What options do any of you know of for someone with my licenses? I am open to taking a bit of a pay cut if it means a better opportunity to grow in the business or move to another career. I am exploring teaming but want to know what I may be able to do to where this isn't a complete loss. I also know that private banking may be an option. Any advice provided would be great appreciated. And please, realize I am not lazy or unwilling to bust my butt for this career. I just would like to have some ideas so that I'm not completely lost if I don't make it in the business.

i appreciate your help.

Oct 16, 2015 11:23 pm

Are you having trouble setting up appointments or closing?