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Apr 18, 2012 10:26 pm

I was displaced from my role of  Financial Consultant at Wells Fargo Advantage Funds.  I took another role with the company however looking to pursue other options as they have removed the incentivized sales from my pay structure. I did/currently do inbound sales for no load mutual funds selling approx 2.3 million a month.  I have 3.5 years with the company so I would say I have financial sales experiance however not in the advisor world.

I have always wanted to become an advisor and I have been taking steps to get to that point.  Currently I have my 7 and 63 (firm wont sponsor for 65 due to "budget" or my CFP as originally promised a year ago)  

After looking at the forums for a bit I have come to learn that there are alot of very tenured reps on these forums and I seek your advice.  

i am looking for your input for a company that will provide top training/support and a base salary of 38k+ comp for the first year (I need that at a minimum to keep my mortgage/expenses current)  also looking for a firm that would sponsor me for my 65 and CFP.  also something in the Milwaukee area is a plus.

this is my first post so dont be to harsh. just wanted to test the waters a bit to see if these requirements I have a reasonable.

also please dont refer me to WF advisors, not too happy with the company and have applied 3 times w/o a interview.

thanks for the help.

Apr 19, 2012 10:26 am

I'm currently independant so I don't know what types of programs are out there.

But look at a firm that fits what you want your future biz to be like.  Wire houses tend to focus on trading.  Insurance firms focus on insurance.  If you plan on focusing on planning, then make sure the firm you are with is a true planning firm.  (Not a "give me $300 and I'll give you a canned plan.")

You could also look for small firms in your area that may be hiring.  Go to local FPA meetings.  Or other events when you could network with the right folks.

Good luck in your search.  This is the greatest career out there. 

My advice...  Have a bunch of cash set aside to get you thru the first three years.  It takes a long time to learn if you can make it in this biz.  I had a good first year.  Horrible second.  Very good third then a breakout fourth...  Now been around over 10. 


Apr 20, 2012 7:59 am

Look for a job with the wirehouses they'll get you your 66 and my training program requires me to get the CFP so that is a plus for you.