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Jun 15, 2014 10:24 am

I'm an independent, affiliated with a large indie B/D. I'm looking for a new Sales Assistant. This would be a part time position. However, I've had thoughts of bringing someone on full time,  a junior broker, who might be at a wire, working hard, doing ok, but having a tough time meetinng the wirehouse insane short term goals. This person would be able to bring over a small book, maybe even just a few million, that they would get paid on, as a supplement to their salary as an assistant.

I would help them prospect and build their book, and if it grew to the point where the two of us required a full time assistant, that would be the next step.

I'm a senior advisor, compared to a lot of the people on this forum, with no clear succession plan in place. So no promises, but this could end up being a real opportunity if it all worked out.

I'm in Nassau County, New York. If you are interested in talking, PM me with contact information, and a good time to get you for a quick phone call.

If you know someone looking for a part time job who has experience as a Sales/Assistant/Client Service Associate, I'm interested in talking to them too.