Left firm, changed countries-licenses?

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Jun 14, 2005 10:15 am

I moved to the UK due to marrying a brit.  In doing so I changed firms.

I have my NASD series 7, 6 and 63.  I left last july and know i have 2 years to extend my registrations...

I'm at a new financial firm here, and they are making me take the IMC regulatory exam for the UK here. I have it this thursday and am freaked as i'm not ready for it at all.  If i fail i worry that i won't make the 2 year deadline....i left my old firm in July of last year but i think my new firm has to petition the NASD to take it over?

Does any of this make sense? I work for an american arm of a UK bank...i figured they could just pay and take me over but i guess i have to prove i'm competent here in the UK first....just looking for guidance as i'm scared i'm going to fail the freaking test and lose all 3 of my liscences in the US when i move home in a few years!

Thanks, sorry for the babble!

Jun 16, 2005 4:39 am

well, looks like i have to freaking pass this damn test again. 

cripes.  the last thing i'd want to do is take those tests when i moved back to the states.........

thanks for looking kids.