Kaplan series 7 review

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Feb 9, 2017 5:04 pm

Just passed my series 7 today with an 80. I used two test prep programs. I bought the pass perfect basic package with reading material and test questions. No online classes or videos. I also used a the Kaplan Series 7 textbook along with their massive question bank. Again, no live classes or videos, just the basic qbank package. I cant not emphasize enough how much I disliked pass perfect. The reading material is very difficult to get through and the test questions are ridiculously difficult. After you finish each section of a chapter you are given somewhere between 30-80 practice questions. I completed the equity chapter on pass perfect by reading everything and doing the practice questions. Once i finished the chapter I took a chapter final and did not pass. The whole system they use is created to be extremely difficult and was often demoralizing. I abandoned pass perfect after two weeks and it was the best decision I made while preparing for the 7. This is how i passed my exam, I read the Kaplan textbook cover to cover twice and did a crapload of practice quizzes. Read a chapter, take quizzes on that chapter until you score mid 70's and move on. I did this for about a month until I finished all the material. Then, i started the process over and found myself scoring high 70's to mid 80's on my practice tests after reading the material a second time. I took two simulated exams which were both 130 questions each. Scored an 84 and 85 on both. My series 7 score was an 80 so you should expect to score a few points under your simulated exams was in The kaplan questions also highly resembeled the actual test questions. The way pass perfect questions werent worded anywhere near the same way the actual 7 questions. I know people who have had success with pass perfect, it definitely is not for everybody though. Hope this helps!

Mar 23, 2017 1:43 pm

Thank you for the info. I've read where the questions on the 7 dealt with day to day portfolio scenarios and, not so much, on options etc. What's your thoughts? Thank you very much!