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Aug 22, 2008 11:14 am

I have been in a wirehouse program for a few months doing the basic marketing(cold calling 300+ dials a day, mailing out 30 letters to neighbors and follow-up, networking, calling old acats, cold walking business) and have not been able to build any momentum.  My background is that I used to sell life insurance, disability, and annuities for about 3 years prior to joining my firm.  I was ranked pretty high in the company in terms of sales and decided to relocate to a larger city where my old company was not located and decided to join a wire.  I am in my mid 20's, no connections in the city I currently reside, and I do not come from a family with money.  I have been talking to an old Paine Webber broker who was a million dollar producer about joining his indy firm.  He primarily does life insurance and annuities in school systems, hospitals, and small businesses.  The payout he has on most of these products is a lot better than at the wire, but it will be 100% commission and I have a small salary currently.  His rationale was that on the insurance side, any person that cares about someone is a prospect opposed to at a wire, you have the $100k min.  Once he sets them up with life insurance and a retirement account, he is pretty much the one that they call when they retire to handle the rollover.  My question is would it be a good decision to leave my current job to pursue this opportunity or just try to stick it out?  Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have learned a lot from this forum and look to a lot of you as mentors that I have never met.  Sorry for such a long post.      

Aug 22, 2008 11:23 am

Soulchild - If you were successful with your past employer and the product line/s , maybe that is your niche or where your strengths/passions are still? You know regardless of the compensation program available , it still boils down to commission one way or the other.

If you have a good gut feeling for this new opportunity....only you know that? Then act accordingly.