In need for some advice

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Aug 12, 2017 2:08 pm

Hey guys,

i am currently working for Edward Jones as a financial advisor. I was in their facd program for 9.5 months and I began my journey on the field about a month ago. However, it isn't what it all seemed to be. They don't give you the support you need for a new advisor and no mentor who will help you develop into a successful advisor. They send you out on the field and tell you to fend for yourself. Their prospecting strategy is inefficient and has a low success rate and don't give you other alternatives. It's either you door knock or get out. So I took it upon myself to get involved with the community and join committees that I like. However, I would like to join a more collaborative and supportive firm. In my first couple months I brought in 738k in business.

What firms provide you with a supportive team based atmosphere who provides you with mentorship to succeed as a new advisor. Thank you