I look for that to discover that submarine's diver, that person said

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Jan 8, 2012 4:00 am


The report has also quoted the submarine expert and writer Henry · Professor Kitts’s commentary. They had indeed discovered a German submarine, Kitts tells the newspaper office, how does the mystical place lie in it is submerges this place which is in the present …Any record had not demonstrated that oakley discount sunglasses here sinks has a submarine. “the Niu Fertile Difficult adversary oakley sideways Decides Newspaper” the report has started a storm in the media. That night, Legge and Chatterton’s telephone made a sound not to stop, the broadcast, the television and newspaper reporters must carry on the interview to them. The international media also to discovers in the New Jersey seacoast dives mystically The ship has carried on the report. CNN sent out to interview their group specially. Television station’s reporter interviews Legge and Chatterton when the seeker number, lets their hand lift the tray the Nazi party campaign emblem face the lens.

“Each week World news” this kind reports the romaunt newspaper specially Also carried on the front page reported: The United States Navy catches the Nazi submarine! Their report legendary color. They said that this is not a simple submarine, this is second drives out of after Germany passes oakley sideways through the space and time tunnel to appear in today’s submarine. Before then discovery with On the type submarine, the young launchman always thought that now or Hitler is ruling Germany. They have also quoted one so-called in the Washington naval officer’s words: I know nothing about to the space and time tunnel, but looks like this is the present only explanation

After mailing out the news release, Chatterton’s telephone has silenced for two weeks, afterward its sound again has not stopped, even, in he eats meal time some people who sleeps to telephone. His mailbox has piled up with each kind of letter, on some package’s address is writing John merely · Chatterton diver New Jersey. Many person incoming letters declared that they know submarine’s status, discounted oakley sunglasses also some people guessed the submarine submerges reason. Many veteran’s sons, the mother, brothers and the grandsons pledged that said that they the family member once had attacked and sunk a German submarine in a secret mission, but the government has resisted Certainly acknowledgment. Also some people telephone to declare that they hold about submarine’s classified data, also some people said that they once saw the submarine launchman in the American seacoast debarkation, the purchase bread or attends the dance party.

An old person telephones to call he several year-old time fishes when the seashore met An old German, that fellow looks that our sailing chart, pointed at the place which we fished to say there was the place which his submarine submerged, this person told Chatterton, we fished the place was you discovers that submarine’s place. Also several widows give Chatterton telephones, to declare that they the husband had attacked and sunk the submarine, but has not obtained the proper reward. discounted oakley sunglasses Speech sound scholar’s person to telephone to him, to tell him likely, so long as deletes the commander’s cupola in silt may untie riddle of the submarine, because of institute Has submarine’s serial number obvious terrestrial reference in the commander’s cupola side. Has the strong German voice person to telephone to him. I look for that to discover that submarine’s diver, that person said.

Jan 11, 2012 5:05 pm

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