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Jul 13, 2005 10:35 pm

45 days in and yes, i realize it is summer and the 4th was here.  Primarily calling and achieving very little.  Can't residential walk. Building networks, but that isn't real fast.

Calling during day to res. is tons of dials with an occasional kid watching wanting to talk.  I do get everything I can from her, but I'm challenged with appts. after i qualify the few I speak with am or pm till 9.

What is/are your How to's in bldg. your book?


Duke-working hard and will continue to

Jul 13, 2005 10:39 pm

Oh yeah, with the suggestion can I get a sales idea for the newbie?

Jul 14, 2005 7:02 am

Years ago I was a very close friend of a guy who had ZERO self confidence and he bought some tapes of a motivational type.

At some point I went to visit him in has apartment–we had graduated and sort of drifted apart so I had not seen him for awhile.

All over his apartment were little signs–not even post-its because

they had yet to be invented–that said things like, “You’re the best!”

“You can do it!” and on and on and on.

That, in my opinion, is sad–pathetic even. People who are so

uncomfortable in their own skin that they have to post messages to

themself all over their house should not be in any sort of situation

where their livlihood depends on being able to look a man in the eye

and shake his hand.

The clue that you’re looking at sophomoric drivel is the military

theme. They’ve got privates and corporals and specialists and

sergents and officers.

The “You’re a failed planner” or “You’re a piker” or “You’re certainly

not a Top Gun Producer” drivel originates there. I’ve heard of

this Top Gun Producer idea for a number of years–but had never had the

inclination to actually look into it.

A good clue to how worthless it is would be to remember that–according

to our very own failed human, Roger–they are actually running a poll

about me on their website. How valuable could a site be that did


Duke and I have had some PMs–he’s in New York. Unless it’s not

there any more, which I think it is, there is a book store down on

Rector Street–behind the church. They’ve got every book ever

written about the business–a lot of technical things that will bore

you tears, but they also have Nick Murray and a host of others.

The bottom line is that you need to get past the canned pitches and

anything that can be written down in a book, recorded on a tape, or

dispensed at a seminar is a canned pitch.

I personally think the best approach is to simply say, "Hi, I’m Duke

with Acme, you’ve probably heard of us but if not we’re a stock

brokerage firm. I supposed to give you a canned spiel but I know

you know that what I’m doing is looking for clients. Are you an

investor, and if so would you be open to listening to another voice if

I didn’t hound you to death?"

If you get anything other than “Get off my phone you loser” or some

other version of no shut up. There is a adage in sales that goes,

“He who speaks first loses” it’s designed to remind you that you’re

supposed to be listening to what I say, not giving me your pitch.

Jul 14, 2005 8:32 am

I agree with Putsy.