Help w profit sharing question

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Jul 22, 2010 2:07 pm

I recently heard from a friend who works at a local bank.  They seem to be looking for someone to help with financial planning.  Here is where I am confused and would like some input...I was told I would be contacted through Infinex.  I do not know anything about them.  I am affiliated with a company and am unsure if the agreement between the bank and Infinex would reuqire me to use their products.  This is what I think may make it impossible for me to do this deal.  I was interested in some sort of profit sharing arrangement w the bank...infinex is listed as a marketer but also does financial planning.  I am curious if they only use their own advisors or if they are an indpependent thrid party search firm??  if you have any thoughts of info please share.  Thank you