Had says also cannot say, sees has not seen the color

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Dec 3, 2011 1:45 am

the character image will be more plentiful, can thus express the article powerfully the subject. Reference appendix technique technique one: What does the academic society speak story is a story? Everything has the plot , the complete matter all calls the story. Writes records prefaces, must first learn munich shoes and narrates specifically writes a matter, has the cause, the process and the result.  That footsteps slowly, slowly , Static, probably was waiting for anything resembles. Yes! She was waiting for daughter's summons, to wait for daughter's thanks.

 the burden . How based on this to write concretely the paragraph, generally should pay attention to the following several aspects. 1st, writes the thing specifically with the digit the size. Example: " Many people have looked at the elephant, said that is a very big animal likely. Actually also has is likely bigger than much animals, that is a whale . The biggest whale has more than 32 ten thousand catty heavy, smallest also has 4, 5 thousand catties. Our country has caught a first more than 8 ten thousand catty heavy whale, munich schoenen 17 meters are long, a tongue has several fat pigs to be so heavy. If it opens the mouth, the human stands in its between lips, recommends the hand not to trace it On palate; Four people gather round the table to sit read in its between lips, but also appears very spacious.

Some look like the big fish to spit the water, extremely lively ground comes a string blister; Has An elephant string pearl, arrives at the midway to drop to one side, looks like a pearl to put munich zapatillas really in the water; Some only then come up quite a while a blister, big, flat spot, slowly, has the posture place, shakes, broke to pieces; Looked, also comes one! Several string small broken bead on once Comes, to look like one to accumulate neat pearl head ornament the very much, snow white, has ......This is more interesting than that big spring. " ," Entire " Emphasized the wind blows long of time.

This place's red cloud change is extremely numerous, a while is glowing red, a while gold Can Can, a while half purple half yellow, a while half ash half lily color. Pinkish light gray, pear yellow, eggplant purple, these color sky has, but also had saying that could also not say, saw has not seen the color. " In the munich scarpe red cloud, the color is dissimilar in the different time: Glowing red, shining, half purple half ash, half ash half lily color, pinkish light gray, pear yellow, eggplant purple, had says also cannot say, sees has not seen the color. Similarly, even if to one kind of color,