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Got a job that only sponsors series 6 that ok to start with?

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Aug 28, 2019 4:44 am

brand new to the financial advising/wealth management industry and am being sponsored for series 6 and 63 and 65. Got a job with JP morgan chase as a relationship banker (basically sit in a bank and if someone has a lot of money in their account it is suggested they sit with a investment professional (me!) …No cold calling or outband marketing required, it is all inbound and I am excited to start in this type of format (thank god i do not have to cold call friends and family for business)

I know that most people who want to do this as a career want the series 7, and JP morgan chase said there is opportunity to graduate to a full series 7 later on in my career. how many successful finanial advisors/wealth managers start with a job that only sponsor series 6 and later on get the series 7? Is it smart to do it the way I’m doing? Thanks!