Entry Level Tactics

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Dec 16, 2013 4:32 pm

I am a Senior graduating from a mid level top tier University on the East coast with a degree in Brain and Cognitive Science and Business (top 50 in the USA).  I worked at Northwestern Mutual this past summer as a Financial Representative and had $10,000 in production working as an intern. I have a great relationship with the wealth manager there, and he has offered to take me on as part of his team in 2 years after I gain some operations experience. My question is what is the best way to do this?

I know many of the paths to financial planning/advising start with a sales job selling insurance (my background so far). But that doesnt get me the nitty gritty operations experience that interests me. Im currently putting together a list of tirms to begin aplpying to over winter break; any thoughts or suggesitons on firms that would offer a more operations/analyst position rather than a financial rep/sales position? I can sell, I've always been told I have a knack for it, but I dont have the knowledge of all the tools in my tool box to be as effective as I could. 

Thus, I came here for advice on how to best go about getting that entry level position that is targeted at the operations behind financial planning and advising. Any thoughts are much appreciated!



Dec 17, 2013 12:32 pm

Depends on location, as obviously if you’re around Boston or NY there are tons of analytical jobs at the fund companies, wirehouses, etc.

Alot of mid sized firms like to use a financial planning role to build their portfolios, do that analytics, form a strategy, etc. If you get in touch with a staffing agency, they’ve usually got a few roles like that.

But if you’re worried about having the tools and knowledge, and truly have the credentials you’re takling about. Go talk to Morgan Stanley, ML, UBS, etc. about their training programs. If you bring the ability to sell, they’ll provide you some of the best toolbox’s money can buy.