Entering trading from a developer background

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Jul 26, 2011 9:32 pm


I work at a technology based financial firm that provides a wide variety of services. I work in a develpment group that helps make some of our products. Our boss is now allowing us to take the series 7 and other exams through the firm. this helps us develpers better understand our products and clients. however, i am interested in doing more with it, perhaps getting into trading. i am not sure though how to go about it.

what kind of jobs do i look for that would allow somebody without trading experience to join?

 i assume i need be an apprentice of sorts? how long wil this take?

what would the entry level salary be? (i am in NYC).

once i am trading what might be a low end salary? 

i am looking forward to answers to my questions, any other conversation, and other begginer topics i might have not thout about. please excuse typos and capitalization... on my tablet, and its acting screwy.

thank you.